Catapult Partners

Catapult Partners: Consulting List

Arteris ( - virtual marketing VP for this network-on-a-chip IP company whose investors include ARM, Synopsys, Qualcomm, Docomo - reported to the CEO.

Asyst Technology ( - provided virtual marketing VP services to this leader in clean room anticontamination technology.

Atrenta ( - virtual marketing VP for EDA software company - recruited by Board, reported to the CEO.

Cirrus Logic ( - as virtual marketing VP for this Mike Hackworth and Kamran Elahian-founded fabless chip company, assisted in positioning, market research, early customer selling and product management. (htttp:// - as Board Advisor for the world's largest new media web site dedicated to soccer, developed deals with on-line advertisers and Google for advertising revenue share and traffic growth.

HP/MemorySpot ( - as acting CEO, developed spinout strategy, forecast, plans, venture and financial presentations to prospective investors, developed case studies and ROI analysis for this revolutionary new media near field communication device.

IWI Corporation - Interim President and CEO of mail software server company. Recruited new CEO and completed fund raising efforts.

IR virtual business development VP for the first wireless networking technology based on infrared technology. Closed a distribution deal with IBM to sell the product alongside IBM PCs and ThinkPad laptops.

Man Bites Dog - founded design and advertising firm. Billings grew to $2M, interest was sold to partner.

MoSys ( - virtual marketing VP for this public memory IP company, reported to the CEO.

Motorola ( - developed marketing strategies for personal wireless communicator consumer system, an iPhone precursor ( Envoy).

nVIDIA ( - developed the press program, collateral and materials for the initial company launch of this now $4B graphics chip vendor.

Oracle ( - developed marketing plans and customer research for apps server software.

Panocorp - Interim President, CEO of FED flat panel TV supplier. Managed the business, funded the company through a joint venture with Toshiba and sold the firm to Pixtech, a publicly held display firm.

ParcPlace Systems ( - developed marketing strategies for this object-oriented software firm. Company sold to Cincom Systems, a privately held firm which is in the top 2% of revenues of all software companies in the United States.

Power Computing ( - marketing and business development for the first Apple-authorized clone of the Macintosh system. Revenue grew to $250M in the first year.

Pure Software became Rational Software, acquired by IBM ( ware). As virtual marketing VP for this Reed Hastings (now founder and CEO of NetFlix) founded software tools company, assisted in positioning, market research, customer testimonials and product management.

Qualcomm (http;// - completed a market study and strategy recommendation for the popular email software application Eudora (

QuickLogic ( - developed customer case studies and references for this public semiconductor chip company.

Quantenna ( - developed venture presentation to secure Series B round WiFi chip company (subsequently Sequoia, Venrock & Sigma funded). Reported to the CEO.